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Five Best Looking Tuxedos for all Occasions

Your personality, your knowledge, your skills, your
education – they are all incredibly important. Truth be told, though, the way
you look reflects your inner self – so it is quite crucial to look your very
best, especially when there’s a special occasion.

When to wear what:

  • In short, you should wear a tuxedo when the
    invitation specifies “black tie” or “white tie.” That said, if “white tie” is
    specified you should wear white pique accessories. If “black tie” is specified
    you can wear any color accessories you choose.  There may be times when the event organizers
    will just assume you know you have to
    wear a tuxedo, so it is important to use your common sense and some basic
    etiquette knowledge to make sure you don’t show up underdressed.

  • Weddings are frequently associated with tuxedos –
    sometimes even for guests outside of the wedding party. If your invitation says
    “black tie” or “white tie,” you are expected to wear a tuxedo. Our advice is to
    wear a black classic design that will not outshine the groom or the groomsmen.

  • Dinner parties may also require you wear a
    tuxedo. Still, if the invitation or the organizer doesn’t specify this clearly,
    you might be able to pull a James Bond-inspired look with a white dinner
    jacket. This will add a dash of uniqueness to your entire look. 

  • The opening of a ballet or opera may also require you wear a tuxedo. For this kind of event, it is very important to pay attention to the fabric of the tuxedo jacket. You need something toned down, rather than shiny and ultra-luxurious. 

  • Colored tuxedos are a fun choice but they are generally worn in environments that are not extremely formal. For instance, you might be allowed to wear a colored tuxedo at a semi-formal wedding, but this will most likely happen only if you are in the wedding party. Other than that, colored tuxedos can be really tricky, so if you want to keep it both colorful and on the safe side, you could wear a grey or navy tux.

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